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Q. Who can become a member of the Innovation Network?

The Innovation Network is open to all Victorian State Government employees.  

If you are not a member of the Victorian Public Sector, you are not eligible to join the Innovation Network. 

Q. How can I check if I’m eligible for membership?

You can check this list on the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website to see whether your organisation is eligible.  

Q. Can local government / councils / other Australian jurisdictions access the Innovation Network?  

Unfortunately, no. The Innovation Network is only accessible to people working for the Victorian State Government.  

Q. What are the benefits of membership? 

The Innovation Network helps connect you to people, resources and training that will assist you with your work.  

Members have access to stories from colleagues, toolkits that have proven successful for others in government, insights from real projects that share authentic learnings and challenges, along with frequent live and recorded (on-demand) events.  

It’s also an accessible space for cross-government collaboration and communities of practice. These enable people to share knowledge, build professional networks, ask questions and seek support.  

Creating an account

Q. Why can't I make an account with my email address? 

The Innovation Network maintains a list of Victorian State Government email domains to try and ensure eligible members can register smoothly. 

New organisations continue to be created, and others can change name.

If you try to create an account with your Victorian State Government email address and it’s not accepted, there's a good chance our list is missing your organisation.  

If you’re eligible and this happens, please email us:

Q. What does ‘create new account with single sign-on’ mean?  

If your organisation is supported by Cenitex you can click the ‘Create account with my VicGov ID’ button to create an account and log in with a single click. This means you won’t have to use a password to access our platform.  

Organisations supported by Cenitex include: Dept of Government Services, Dept of Treasury and Finance, Dept of Jobs, Skills, Industries and Regions, Dept of Premier and Cabinet, Dept of Justice and Community Safety, Court Services Victoria, Victorian Public Sector Commission.  

Managing your account

Q. Why doesn’t my password reset work?

When you follow the prompts to request a new password, please allow up to 30 minutes for the password recovery email to arrive. 

Keep an eye on your junk mail / spam folder in case the password recovery email goes there by accident. 

If you still haven’t received the email please email us

Q. How do I update my email address? 

If you’re already logged in to the platform then you can click on your name in the top right corner and select ‘My account’. From here, choose ‘email or password’ from the menu, and you’ll be able to update your email address immediately (noting that only Victorian State Government email addresses will be accepted).  

If you’re not logged in then you’ll need to first log in using your account’s existing email address and password. And then follow the step above. 

If you can’t remember your password – and therefore can’t log in – then let us know and we can update your account for you.  

Similarly, if you create a new account by accident when trying to update your existing account, then let us know and we can delete the duplicate account and update your existing account so that you retain access.  

Q. I’m moving department, can I bring my Innovation Network account with me?


Rather than creating a whole new account, you can simply update your email address. 

To do this log in using your original email address and password (i.e. do not log in using the VicGov ID option). Then click on your user profile icon (in the top right) and you can update your email address to reflect your new organisation. Just remember to click ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page. 

If you can’t remember your password then let us know and we can help you update your account.   

Q. What does ‘Login with my VicGov ID’ mean?  

If your organisation is supported by Cenitex you can click the ‘Login with my VicGov ID’ button to gain access to our platform without having to input a password.  

Q. How do I delete my account?  

We can do this for you.  

Just email us to let us know that you’d like your account permanently removed, and we will delete it.  


Q. How do I get the Innovation Network newsletter?

All members of the Innovation Network receive our monthly newsletter that provides a summary of the latest content and events available.  

You can unsubscribe from our distribution list at any time.  

Q. How do I contribute content? 

Are you hosting an innovative workshop or seminar that's open to staff across the VPS? Have you improved a process to make it more robust? Have your ideas created value for Victorians when implemented? Something else?!

If you’re an Innovation Network member and you’d like to contribute content then complete the form on this page to let us know.


Q. How much do events cost to attend? 

All events available via our events calendar are free to attend.  

It’s worth noting that our events calendar includes sessions organised by: 

  • The Innovation Network team 
  • Innovation Network Groups 
  • Other organisations (internal or external to government), provided they are focused on innovation and specifically relevant to people within government. 

We do not share any events that have a cost associated with them.  

Q. I don’t have the link to the online event I have registered to attend 

Links to online events are often sent out in the days immediately prior to the event.  

This helps the organisers manage attendee numbers, account for cancelations and ensure everyone gets any pre-reading from our educators. 

If you’re worried that you haven’t received the link then check the event page for details – some events don’t require registration and simply share the online link on the event page, or include the link close to the date. 

Q. Is there a limit to how many events I can attend?  

No, you are welcome to attend as many events as you like.  

Some events may be targeted towards specific audiences, or recommend that you attend an intro session first, so just read the event description before registering to ensure the event is appropriate for you.  

Q. Do Innovation Network events contribute to my professional development?  


All events provided by the Innovation Network team support the VPS Capability Framework.  


Q. How do groups work?  

Innovation Network groups – also commonly referred to as communities of practice – provide government peers with an online space to connect around a shared interest, work area or topic.  

Our groups enable people from different departments and agencies to connect online, so they can have discussions, share information and support each other.  

All groups are managed by VPS colleagues.  

Innovation Network members can access this toolkit to learn more about how they work.