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Membership and managing your account

Q. Who can become a member of the Innovation Network?

The Innovation Network is open to employees of Victorian Public Service (VPS) bodies, and employees of Victorian Public Sector bodies who are working on projects or initiatives with the VPS that use the Innovation Network platform.

If you are not a member of the Victorian Public Service or a Sector employee using the Innovation Network to collaborate with the VPS, you are not eligible to join the Innovation Network.

Q. How can I check if I’m eligible for membership?

You can check this list on the Victorian Public Sector Commission’s website to see whether your employer is part of the service or the sector:

Q. I can’t make an account with my email address.

The Innovation Network maintains a list of email domains for VPS organisations, to ensure eligible members can register smoothly.

If you try to create an account with your Victorian State Government email address and it isn’t accepted, then there is a good chance our list is missing your organisation. If you’re part of the VPS and this happens for you, please drop us an email at

If you’re in the Victorian Public Sector and you need access to the Innovation Network to collaborate with colleagues in the VPS, email us at with details of the project/initiative and we’ll add you to the Innovation Network.

Q. Why doesn’t my password reset work?

When you follow the prompts to request a new password, please allow up to 30 minutes for the password recovery email to arrive.

Keep an eye on your junk mail / spam folder in case the password recovery email goes there by accident.

If you still haven’t received the email to reset you password after 30 minutes, please email us:

Q. I’m moving department, can I bring my Innovation Network account with me?

Yes. Rather than creating a whole new account, you can simply update your email address.

Use your existing login details to access the Innovation Network, and then click on your user profile icon (in the top right) and you can update your account with your new Victorian State Government email address. Just remember to click ‘Save’!

Q. What is Single Sign On?

If your organisation uses Cenitex for your network login authentication, you can click the ‘Login with Single Sign On’ button to log in to the Innovation Network. You won’t need to create an account with a unique password.


Q. How do I get the Innovation Network newsletter?

By default, all members of the Innovation Network will receive our monthly newsletter directly to the Victorian State Government email address associated with their account. This newsletter provides a summary of the latest content and events available.

The only reason you wouldn’t receive the newsletter is if you have opted out of notifications via your Innovation Network ‘Profile’ page (i.e. by clicking on your profile photo to edit your profile and selecting the ‘no notifications’ box).

Innovation Network events

Q. How do I register for an event?

The yellow button at the bottom of each event page links you to the registration page for that event. You can also find the registration link under ‘key details’ on the right-hand side of each event page.

Q. I can no longer attend an event, how do I cancel my ticket?

Events listed on the Innovation Network are organised by either the Innovation Network team or by one of our Group owners. This means the registration method varies between event types. We know this is a little confusing!

  • If you registered through Humanitix: please email to cancel your ticket.
  • If you registered through Eventbrite: please log into your Eventbrite account and cancel directly.
  • If you have registered via response to an email address, please email the organiser.

Q. How much do events cost to attend?

A. The Innovation Network covers the cost of all events that we deliver, so that they are free for our members to attend. This means that it’s essential that you let us know if you can no longer attend an event you have registered for, so that we can provide this free training opportunity to other Innovation Network members.

Q. I don’t have the link to the online event I have registered to attend

A. Links to our events are sent out in the days immediately prior to the event. This helps us manage attendee numbers, account for cancelations and ensure everyone gets any pre-reading from our educators.