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About us

Are you interested in improving how things are done in government?

The Innovation Network brings together resources, events, news, and people to help you do your work better. 

Supported by the Victorian Public Sector Commission, the Innovation Network helps Victorian public sector colleagues to connect, share and learn around innovative government work. 

Our platform 

With a focus on new ways of working and change that adds value, the Innovation Network offers a resource-rich platform that provides: 

  • Practical resources such as case studies, toolkits, and programs that support innovation. 
  • A calendar of free events, workshops and seminars that focus on practical skill building. 
  • On demand options that support learning to occur at the time, pace and location of choice.  
  • Groups and communities of practice that connect peers around topics, and foster collaboration and collective problem-solving.  
  • News and blogs about innovative government work across Victoria.  
  • Profiles that can be customised to reflect interest and capability areas.  

It’s the only collaborative cross-government digital space in Victoria, and access is locked down to Victorian State Government employees only. 

The platform is in constant development as we continue to add new features and functionality, to improve our members’ experience.  

Our definition of innovation 

Innovation is a buzzword. But it's not one that's going away.  

We've chosen to interpret it as taking new and better ways of working and putting them to practical use.  

It's about change that adds value - solving real problems and serving citizens better. 

Our content and events  

We offer free, timely and relevant content and events each month, focused on ways to embed and support practical innovation in government.  

This includes practical toolkits that share approaches used by others in the VPS, case studies that outline innovative projects and lessons learned, and events that build useful skills, knowledge and perspective. 

We also distribute a monthly newsletter to keep members up-to-date with what’s new.  

Our tone is intentionally conversational and free of jargon to ensure our content is accessible and easy to apply to government work.  

We also share the details of events organised by others so long as they are free, focused on innovation, and relevant to people working within government.  

Our members 

Everyone working in the Victorian public sector can join the Innovation Network for free.  

We have more than 18,000 active members across government, covering all levels, an enormous range of roles, and more than 350 government organisations.  

Members can generate content, comment on the content of others and contact fellow members directly. 

Members can also participate in our 100+ groups / communities of practice, by engaging in discussions, sharing resources, and attending group events.  

Our team  

The Innovation Network is managed by a small team at the Victorian Public Sector Commission, supported by our developers at Ackama.  

We’d love to hear from you with feedback on any bugs you discover, or if you’d like to contribute content to this platform. 

Victorian Public Sector Commission

The Victorian Public Sector Commission (VPSC) supports the state’s capable and motivated public sector employees in their vital work. The Commission does this by equipping public sector employees to serve the government of the day and future governments. This means playing a leading role in integrity, capability building, data collection and analysis, and identifying and sharing good practice.